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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Born in 30 January 1882, in Hudson Valley town of Hyde Park, in New York.
Dead in 12 April 1945, in Warm Springs, Georgia, US.

The Young Franklin Roosevelt

  Franklin Roosevelt, belongs to an political and patrician family Of Dutch origin which lived in New York.
He was the son of James Roosevelt I & Sara Roosevelt, and the little Half-brother of James Roosevelt Roosevelt.
Franklin Roosevelt with parents
James Roosevelt I, Born in 16 July 1828 in Hyde Park,  New York, US, and dead in 08 December 1900 in New York City of New York, US.

Sara Ann Delano Roosevelt, Born in 21 September 1854, in Newburgh town, New York, US, and dead in 7 September 1941 in Hyde Park, in New York, US.

James Roosevelt Roosevelt, Born in 27 April 1854 in  New York, US. He was the older half-brother of Franklin Roosevelt, and the son of the first wife of James Roosevelt I . he was death in 7 May 1927.

In September 1896, At 4 years old Franklin Roosevelt was entered Groton School where exactly located in Massachusetts.

In 1900, After finish the school, he was start study in Harvard College during 3 years (1900-1903), where he was received a BA degree in History . 
Franklin in Harvard college

In 1904 Roosevelt entered in Columbia Law School, where he was received his law JD (doctorate) in the same year he took a prestigious job in the great firm in wall street .

On March 17, 1905, He married his cousin Anna Eleanor Roosevelt,they have 6 children :
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (3 May 1906 – 1 December  1975)
James Roosevelt II (23 December 1907 – 13  August  1991)
Franklin Roosevelt (18 March 18, 1909 –  7 November  1909)
Elliott Roosevelt (23 September  1910 –  27 October  1990)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr. (17 August  1914 –  17 August , 1988)

John Aspinwall Roosevelt II (13 March  1916 –  27 April , 1981)

Franklin  with  Anna Eleanor

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Politic Career:

·         In 1 January 1911 to 17 March 1913, he was elected as a senator for the 26th District of New York.

·         In 17 March 1913 to 26 August 1920, He was taken a post as Assistant Secretary of the navy.

·         In 1 January 1929 to 31 December 1932, He was elected as 44th Governor of New York.

·         In 4 March 1933 to 12 April 1945, He was elected as a 32nd President of the United States of America.

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