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The legendary second world war snipers: Matthäus Hetzenauer

Nazi sniper

Matthäus Hetzenauer

Matthäus Hetzenauer
Matthäus Hetzenauer
He was born in 23 December 1924 in Tyrol, Austria.
He was dead in 3 October 2004, in Brixen im ThaleTyrol, Austria.

Matthäus Hetzenauer, was a Nazi sniper who served in the 3rd Mountain Division on the Eastern Front of the World War II.
He begin his basic training in 1943.
He trained as a sniper from March to July 1944 in Truppenübungsplatz Seetaler-Alpe in Steiermark, in Austria.
He suffered head trauma caused by artillery fire on 6 November 1944
During his career as being a sniper has killed 345 persons (confirmed number kills).
The range of the most distant shot he has reached is 1100 meters.
In 1945 Hetzenauer was captured by Soviet army where he passed 5 years in their prison camp.

Honors Awards of Matthäus Hetzenauer
Honors Awards of Matthäus Hetzenauer
Honors awards

1- In 1 September 1944, he got the Iron Cross 2nd Class.

2- In 9 November 1944, he got the Wound Badge (1939) in Black.

3- In 13 November 1944, he got the Infantry Assault Badge (silver).

4- In 25 November 1944, he got the Iron Cross 1st Class.

5- In 3 December 1944, he got the Sniper's Badge (1st class - gold).

6- Close Combat Clasp in gold.

7- In 17 April 1945, he got the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross  as Gefreiter (a german grade in second world war)  

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